Friendly Friday Challenge – “Quiet Places”

Menoninee Lighthouse in Menominee, Michigan

This post is me joining the Friendly Friday Challenge – “Quiet Places” posted on the site “Something to Ponder About”. Check out the link below. It’s awesome! 🌅

Friendly Friday Challenge – Quiet Places

Blogging is opening up a whole new world to me! I am getting to “meet” such wonderful new people as I “travel” around the (blogging 📝) globe. 🌎 I think I even “met” a kindred spirit from Australia! 😊

I came across a blog post in which interesting folks from EVERYWHERE share a picture and a post about the “quiet places” they retreat to when they need to renew their spirits.

I unleashed my imagination and now it gets to soar as it travels to the mountains of Norway or fly to the banks of the Tauber River in Germany as I view the beautiful photos from the Friendly Friday Challenge post (link shared above).

Or to any other number of places as I conjure up images or smells or sounds that the pictures or discriptions from other commentators evoke.

Because this journey is all about “doing that thing”, I am going to join this challenge! There is a helpful link that discusses how to join. But oh boy….

Segway Alert 🚨 Oh dear Lord… even with Amanda’s helpful link to describe how to post, copy URL’s, tagging and pinning… I still am clueless! Oy vay! Insert me muttering under my breath… “I think I can. I think I Can. I think I CAN!” 👍

I often say that the mind is such a powerful thing. And today I am reminded of two things as I write this post:

• I am experiencing the thrill of unexpected pleasure at the mere discovery of incredible, interesting, passionate people from around the globe. The love that bubbles up from my heart just swells when I “talk” to new people from the blogging world or from new Facebook groups I have joined. For a goofy gal who has a “Favorite Word List” I find a lack of adequate words to express this newfound joy of discovery. But Joy pretty much sums it up in one word.

Joy… doesn’t that just roll off the tongue beautifully? I honestly can’t wait to uncover and discover what other beautiful surprises are in store for me in the new adventure. Insert me here with arms wide open and hands lifted Heavenward as I embrace this gift of life.

I am also reminded of this. I am just mere days into the new adventure. What if I had continued with old “stinkin’ thinkin’” patterns or “shut down before I really got started” pattern. I would have missed out on today’s joy. I would have missed out on yesterday’s sense of accomplishment. I would be missing out on how amazing it feels to be plowing right smack dab through my fears and allowing seeds of determination to be taking root.

I am going to be tending those seeds in my soul with the utmost of TLC. I will let the sun shine on and pull away the weeds. I’ll cherish the precious new creation that emerges.

Another unexpected surprise is taking place, I feel less fear and uncertainty today than I did at the start. And actually, I take that right back. In THIS moment I don’t feel ANY fear or uncertainty because pure joy has taken up full capacity in my heart. There just is no room today for any of the “yucky, icky stuff”. Thank you God!

I have included two pictures of the “Quiet Places” I enjoy. 🍁🌳🍂🌲🌾

Pictured Rocks hiking trails in Michigan
One of the many peaceful views where my parents live in Menominee, MI

The new adventure is helping me discover the “Quiet and Peaceful Places” within my soul. I can go to these inner places any time I choose.

I am so glad I accepted this Friendly Friday challenge! It has uncovered some precious treasures. What joys are waiting for you in your Quiet Place? Let’s find out together because…

It’s time….

Blessings dear ones,


Posted for Amanda’s Friendly Friday’s 💙

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6 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – “Quiet Places”

    1. Thank you so much! I went back in to edit it and I think I got it right this time. I copied and pasted it and when I viewed it, it turned it into a link and brought me right back to you. ☺️ I knew something wasn’t exactly right. I hope this is it. Please let me know if it isn’t and I will keep at it until I get it right. Lol

  1. Thanks for being so pro-active in perservering with the pingback. The pingback at the top of the post works perfectly! It was the one at the bottom of the post that took me back to your blog page. But that is okay. We only need one of them to work! Pingbacks are great if you want to link to any site, blog or otherwise, for more information. You can even use them to link back to previous posts on your own site. A useful tip!
    Your photos of quiet places are very meditative. It was lovely viewing them again.
    See you for my next Friendly friday prompt. Have a great week.

    1. I really do appreciate your helpful feedback! Now the key will be to do it again and again so it becomes natural (and doesn’t take me forever LOL). I’ll see you next Friday for sure! Wishing you a wonderful as well! ☀️🌼

        1. I am truly enjoying the unexpected blessings of community and really feel like it is opening up a whole new world 🌎 to me. I had no idea. There are so many wonderful bloggers with such wisdom, insights, poetry, photography, knowledge, experiences that it makes the world smaller, broadens my world perspective, challenges me, and helps me grow. And I just LOVE that! ☀️

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