Self-Care Isn’t As Effective When I Don’t “Set My Mind” To It

I’ve discovered that one of my “sure fire” ways of sabotaging my self-care time goes something like this:

Me to Myself: Ugh 😫 I am spent! I really need to relax. I should really… (insert journaling or going for a walk or reading or do a puzzle or any of the other things on my self-care list). But I should really get this (house chore) done first or that (work task) done first.

Me Responding to Myself: But I really would love to just relax for a little while. I don’t really feel like doing any of the things on my To Do List but I’ll just keep going…

And then, this is what I look 👀 like.

EXHIBIT A : No lie, it’s really what I look 👀 like.

If I am lucky, I recognize I am doing this and tell myself to “Just Stop 🛑 It”!

Segway Alert 🚨 If you want a really good belly laugh check out the Bob Newhart YouTube clip by the name, Stop It. Honestly, I laughed so hard the first (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th-you get the picture 🤣) time I watched it. Shout out to my friend Christi F. who shared it with me. 😉 Now, whenever I say “Just Stop It” to myself in my head, my voice sounds just like his. I think I’ll go watch it again before I continue. Because finding ways to laugh is a REALLY big thing on my self-care list.

This, I might add is the opposite of moving forward toward my dreams. At this point I am simply BUSY, not PRODUCTIVE. I don’t know about you, but I do not like busy. I like productive.

In order to be productive, I need to return to self-care. Self-care that I DO… intentionally and with permission. This is a pretty big deal for me because otherwise it is just more ➡️ reinsert Exhibit A from above.

When I am intentional about self-care, when I give myself full and complete PERMISSION to enjoy whatever self-care thing I choose to do, it is a game changer. I have learned that I must SET MY MIND to appreciate the down time I am gifting to myself. THAT is the sweet spot!

EXHIBIT B : Me in my sweet spot.

So, for today I will choose:

• Less of EXHIBIT A

By choosing to intentionally and with permission (SET MY MIND) to do the following:

“Go to church” online, take a glorious nap, journal, and learn something new.

And then I will experience more of EXHIBIT B.

What will you do intentionally and give yourself permission (SETTING YOUR MIND) to enjoy today? This my friends will be moving forward. Because…

It’s time… 🍁🍂

Blessings dear ones,


3 thoughts on “Self-Care Isn’t As Effective When I Don’t “Set My Mind” To It

  1. Yes, there’s a big difference between being busy and being productive. It’s all about focus and intention isn’t it. Have a great week!

    1. It sure! And the beautiful byproduct is how much more I really do enjoy it when I set my mind to it! Wishing you a wonderful week as well!🌈 PS I REALLY LOVE emojis ☺️lol

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