Recently I was feeling mentally stuck and extremely frustrated as a result. And I did NOT like it. Typically I would grab my journal and “write it out”. Nine times out of ten this usually works for me. Not wanting to abandon my journal however (because it is such a powerful tool of self-expression for me), my daughter suggested a Word Dump.

I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of this before. She gave these simple instructions:

Simply put pen to paper 📝 and write whatever words or phrases pop into your mind.

It’s as easy as that! I have included my example above.

Because I LOVE color, I started out with an orange pen. By the time I finished, I discovered a theme had emerged. I was extremely frustrated with all things technology. I also discovered however, that I FELT better having purged those words and having identified the source of my mental block and frustration. To put words to it; I felt relieved and emotionally lighter.

I decided not to stop there. I grabbed a new color, blue this time, and continued to write. Clearly I had more “angst” to unleash but I was loosing steam. I was feeling quite satisfied with this exercise because I was achieving the results I was seeking. My goal was to simply feel better and no longer feel “stuck”. It was working.

However, I didn’t feel that I was done quite yet. So I grabbed another pen, red this time. Without even making the connection until this very moment, my instincts chose red because it is a POWER color. This time a new theme emerged!! PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT! 💡💡🌟✨

WOW… insert me taking a moment here… just Wow!

I am incredibly grateful that I added the last step because it is this step and this color that reignited the passion I feel for the new adventure. It is vital for me to get out the “yuck” but to also move forward into positive action. What an absolutely beautiful and unexpected byproduct:


Oh how my heart bubbles up with happiness and determination just reflecting back on this exercise. To be sure, it is going to be another way that I use my journal, another tool going into my toolbox! 🧰🔨🔧

Are you feeling stuck or blocked today? Why don’t you try your own Word Dump? Make it your own! As with any tool, take the parts that you like and discard the rest.

Exercises like this for me, remove a mental and emotional barrier of the moment which allows me to continue moving forward. You know why? Because…

It’s time 🍁🍂

Blessings dear ones,


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