How to Push Back and Plow Through Discouragement: Finding Your Own Power


Can you think of a moment of recent discouragement? How did you handle it? What helped?

Yesterday I had one of those moments to kick start my Monday morning. The discouragement I felt about one particular area seemed to permeate into other aspects of my life. The excitement that I was feeling about certain dreams and goals completely vanished and in its wake, self-doubt and major questioning remained.

But something continues to arise within me these days. I hear a new voice, my voice, saying this is no longer acceptable to me.

When I hear this new and challenging voice within, it does not mean that I dismiss how I am feeling. Quite the contrary. I acknowledge it and then push through it. I am proving to myself that I CAN “do that thing” even while feeling discouraged, down, and filled with doubt. It is okay to feel these things.

But the voice telling me, “This is no longer acceptable.” means that I will not allow these things to change my trajectory. It will no longer hold me down or hold me back.

And this my friends is SO empowering! The next time you feel discouraged about your path:

1. Acknowledge how you feel. This is important. It is the opposite of “stuffing” your feelings, which works against positive mental health and well-being. Acknowledging your feelings allows you the choice of what to do next.

2. Listen to your self-talk. Is it positive or negative? Choose a NEW NARRATIVE! You are the author of your life after all. Stick to the new narrative and let it drown out all the other negative messages that drag you down.

3. Choosing these two steps and applying them over and over throughout your day, day after day IS what can create change within your heart and life.

I am choosing to listen to the new narrative that says, “This is no longer acceptable to me.” It is making a difference. If I am going to listen to any narratives within, I choose the one that will keep me on the path I desire. This is the sweet spot my friends.

Join me tomorrow as I explore the role of community in our lives. Until next time,

Blessings dear ones,


2 thoughts on “How to Push Back and Plow Through Discouragement: Finding Your Own Power

  1. It really IS the sweet spot Christine and it changes everything. I can very much relate to this post, those fluctuating emotions and acknowledging the not so good feelings whilst not getting stuck there. Wonderfully written. xx

  2. There are so many unexpected blessings that are emerging these days. Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart with me. ❤️ It is so lovely to know I am not alone. 😊 I love how you state, “whilst not getting stuck there!” I am going to include that in my inner narrative. 😊🍁

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