• Have you ever let pride get in the way of achieving your goals?
  • Do you try to do on your own what would be better achieved as a team?
  • Is it hard to be honest with yourself about questions like these?
  • What holds you back from enlisting the help of others on your team?

This week I asked myself the very same questions. It went something like this…

I have been attempting to learn about information marketing and the technology that goes along with it. For two weeks I have been looking like this:

I did some soul searching to examine my “stuck status” and this is what I discovered.

I have an amazing collegue that I LOVE working with. Her intelligence and depth of knowledge about literally everything, amazes me and is such an asset to our team. But if I am honest, at times I am jealous about the ease with which she understands the kinds of things I struggle to learn. I kept telling myself I needed to “go this alone” because I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. And perhaps feel a bit better about myself?

But I recognized I wasn’t getting where I wanted to on my own. I usually LOVE learning but I was NOT enjoying learning this.

Doing this honest soul searching, I discovered that I was letting my pride and comparison complex get in the way of my learning.

And my lack of learning was getting in the way of making progress on my professional goals.

Because my current life motto, “This is no longer acceptable to me.”, I knew I had a choice to make. Continue to struggle alone OR swallow my pride and ask my collegue to join me.

I chose the latter and what started as an individual project is now a team effort. The team effort in one day produced more results than two weeks of going it alone. WOW!

Do you want to “unstick your stuck status”?

  • Start with taking an honest look at what mental barriers are holding you back from achieving forward momentum on your goals.
  • Admit the true source of what is blocking you in order to unlock new alternatives. 
  • Examine the potential outcomes of these new alternatives.
  • If you desire a different outcome, choose the alternate path of progress.

If I had not been honest with myself I would not have admitted that pride and comparisons were getting in my way. I would have:

Remained in stuck status:

Rather than achieve progress:

Absolutely the right choice. 😊

I am feeling a great deal of discomfort these days. I am allowing myself to be most vulnerable.

But somehow I am okay with this. I hope that being real and raw with you dear reader, some of the barriers that prevent deeper and more fulfilling human connections may be broken. I see a world around us that is starving for this. ❤️

If we can find common ground in our humanness, we can come together in love and support of one another.

What are some mental barriers you are struggling with? Sign up with your email and send me your comments, questions, concerns. I will devote some upcoming blog posts to address things that are heavy on your heart.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Blessings dear ones ❤️




  1. Hi Christine, I think we’ve been conditioned to believe that we have to persevere and really push through to achieve our goals but I’ve learned in life there’s a time and place to ask for help. We don’t need to stay stuck. Everyone has their strengths, why struggle with something you clearly don’t love when you know there’s help available. Great post and I love the memes! 😁

    1. Hi Miriam! 🤗 I totally agree! The “unexpected” turned out to be that I persevered BY asking for help and making it a team effort. The satisfaction of learning and achieving was still there but now I was able to share in the accomplishment with my dear colleague. And that made the win even sweeter! The human connectedness was the prize. 🥇💛❤️

  2. Wow….this really touched me. The whole idea has been in my head for days and that is what my blog is all about is all about_ working together as a team to achieve success. Thanks dear.

    1. I’m so glad to hear Eustace! I just shared with Miriam how much more I appreciated the “win” because I was able to celebrate it with my dear colleague. I look forward to checking out your blog and learning from and being inspired by you! ❤️🌈☀️

  3. This was amazing and genuine writing piece! It definitely came from a honest and heartfelt place❤ Thank you for always somehow knowing exactly what I need to hear at the right time. I am keeping the H.O.P.E xoxo 🙂

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