I Want More of That! What Happens When We Apply the “I Think I Can!” Mentality

I have been hard at work with my colleague of late. Our recent project is learning and developing the technology to launch a Self-Care Support Group for educators.

We’ve had to learn about launch sites, internal/external links, landing pages, yada yada yada. My head swims. At the end of a work session I literally am left with brain fog.

I often look something like this…

Have you ever felt like this when working on a project? Or just with life in general?

I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone here. And as I do so, I am working equally hard on myself.

This is what I am learning.

We call it a “comfort zone” for a reason. Doing new things and pursuing new goals and dreams is bound to be uncomfortable, frustrating, painful…

You get the picture.

But I am now settling in to the discomfort. I am learning to be okay with it. I am accepting this as part of the process.

This is a REALLY big deal for me! It has helped me push through my “non-starts”.

This has helped me to move beyond paralyzing self-doubt. And move into “I can do” this thing.

This mentality my friends, is invigorating! And contagious!

A specific action that I am learning to apply with this “I think I can” mentally is:

I am CELEBRATING each little victory! I take a moment to feel good about each new success!

This too is a REALLY big deal for me.

What is happening is:

I am enjoying the journey!

I look forward to tackling the next piece of my projects.

I feel joy.

I feel a sense of accomplishment.

I feel a sense of pride in hard work.

I feel good about myself.

The flip side of that coin was feeling stuck, beating myself up for what I didn’t understand, wanting to believe in myself but giving in to self-doubt.

Try applying these simple tools 🛠 🧰

1. Settle into the discomfort of being out of your comfort zone. It’s part of the process.

2. Celebrate your successes EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY!

You will begin to grow, develop new skills, and gain confidence.

I get REALLY excited about learning and growing! If you know me, this is what happens when this happens. 😂

My motto continues to be… “I want more of that!

Won’t you join me? 😀

Blessings dear ones,

Christine Nicklaus

2 thoughts on “I Want More of That! What Happens When We Apply the “I Think I Can!” Mentality

  1. Thank you for your kind words Sabra. I’m so glad to hear. ❤️ Wishing you a wonderful day! 🌟🌈☀️

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