The Joy of Evolving

The original goal for my blog was to write from my heart with a desire to encourage and inspire people in their life journey. 

And I just wanted to write. Because I love writing.

I’m not sure that I’m any good at it but it gives me joy. And thus, this blog began. A journey of my heart.

In the few short months of its existence, my vision has expanded. At first I wanted to inspire by sharing little glimpses of my heart and life and journey. But I realized that along with a desire to inspire, I wanted to share mental health tips and tools with my own stories of what I am learning as I use them.

There is an aspect of vulnerability that I am allowing myself as I write and share. I do so because I want others to know that we are all human.

I am experiencing my own evolution in real time as I post and share.

And then it occurred to me…

You see, I have the MOST AMAZING team that I am blessed to work alongside.

These amazing women have heart my friends. The genuine kind. Authentic. The real deal. ❤️

And the wealth of education, career experience, life experience is immense. I learn from them every day. They inspire me. They challenge me. But most important, they love, accept and support me, their fallible leader. And I like to think I do the same for them. 

So, I have invited them to share with you dear friends. We may cover topics like parenting, early childhood, autism spectrum, ADHD, addictions and recovery, resilience, mindfulness, lifestyle tips and tools, and more. I will support them and celebrate their blogging adventures.

I will be asking each of my team to share a little about themselves. I want you to get to know them as I do. ❤️ And I will dedicate an area of the blog to each, so you know where to find them. ☺️

I am so excited for what is to come. 🌈

Stay tuned dear ones! 




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