Technophobia Tailspin Take Aback

Technophobia – definition (noun) – an irrational (not irrational for me) or disproportionate fear (huh, disproportionate you you say? Nope, not disproportionate to me, this lion size fear) of technology, especially… to advanced digital technology (Do email landing pages, plugins, jetpacks, taglines, domains, etc. all count as advanced? They sure feel like advanced to me. Ugh!)

Tailspin – definition (noun) – a sudden and helpless collapse into failure, confusion, or the like (Insert image of me, dramatically; think Scarlet O’Hara/Gone with the Wind style dramatic, sighing and whithering to the floor in despair and this is an adequate discription of me in a technophobic state! )


I EXPERIENCE A Take Aback Moment!

Take aback – (verb), to astonish (OMG!!!! I DID IT! – Insert any technology accomplishment such as how to post pictures in this blog! Woot! Woot!)

This may seem like an overly dramatic way to discuss the topic of technology and my dreams. I assure you. It is not. The amount of time it has taken me to get this far on this blog is so ridiculous I dare not even share a number. Think, “Aliens have kidnapped “would be blogger” long.

Some things do not come easily to me. Technology and directions are two GLARING examples. But this journey I am on calls for me to learn. Now, learning anything in my profession is a joy to me. Insert choir singing angels here! Can you hear them? I can. Haha But now I am just getting silly! Yet it kind of explains the joy I feel when I figure something technology out, so I guess I’ll keep the analogy after all. 🙂

SEGWAY ALERT 🚨 I’m still not ready to talk about “Actual Introduction” stuff. I hope you don’t mind. At this point it really is not relevant.

Anyway, learning about technology is work. Hard, tiring, exasperating work! Insert huge dramatic sigh here. This time around however, I have a fierce determination.

I am glad this determination continues to bubble up in me because my fear is, if I back down on this area, what other things will I back down on? I don’t want to back away from ANYTHING that will hold me back from achieving my dreams. This feels REALLY significant to me. Almost like a defining moment; of determination and “stick-to-it-iveness”.

So I must say, I am discovering a bit about me and technology. With each little victory, I feel empowered! I am amazed!!! I celebrate! Insert image of crazy person whooping it up (think Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County) style! Really loud! That’s me! No lie!

Do you struggle with something that comes extremely difficult to you? Is it something that is important to learn in order to remove an obstacle in the way of you achieving your dreams? Let’s DO THIS THING together! Seriously, if I can keep going despite my “Technophobia Tailspins”, I just know you can too! And then we can experience our “Take Aback” moments together! Woot! Woot!

It’s time…

P.S. It occurs to me, somewhere along the way I think I may need to start a blog dictionary for you to reference as needed. What do you think? 🙂

Blessings on your journey dear ones,


Hopping off the “Crazy Train” of Self-Doubt

I recently emailed one of my mentors and shared a small success. I shared the details but as I did a whole lot of “stuff” just stumbled out in the email… I was SO tempted to delete it! SO tempted! But I didn’t. I hit send.

Then I began checking my email to see if I received a response back. How was my email received? Was it positive? I was pretty real in the email. If I’m honest, I craved the affirmation, the validation that I was on the right track. Hmmm… more “people pleasing”? It certainly smacks of just that. Have you done this? Sent something “out” into “cyber world” and waited with bated breath… would there be a response? A good one? One needing interpretation? Ugh! What a yucky, icky inner place to function from!!

Segway… Another “Anti-Introduction”. I love words. I have a favorite word list! And when I use them, I kind of crack myself up. For real. For some reason, “yucky, icky inner place” makes me chuckle. I am probably alone in this but that’s okay because I also LOVE humor and laughter!! In my “real life” I laugh A LOT. I’m not necessarily funny, more like quirky I’d say. I wish I could be funny honestly. You know, like the people that just make comments off the top of their heads in real life conversations and people just laugh? I love those kinds of people! But I’m not one of them. But I sure do like to laugh and smile a lot. It used to be a mask, but now it is genuine and just a way of life. But that is another blog post…. P.S. These segways may happen a lot. I hope you don’t mind. It’s kind of the way my brain works. Maybe I’ll do a SEGWAY ALERT! And if you want, you can just skip right past them. 😊

All right, where was I? Checking my email right? I didn’t like the feeling I was feeling, constantly checking and then second guessing… “Should I have sent all that? Maybe I shouldn’t have sent it at all!” I was driving myself nuts and decided to “Just stop it!” 🛑 I reminded myself of the following:

* I emailed all that I did because the person IS my mentor and the person IS in my safe circle ⭕️ to share my heart and life.

* The history of support and encouragement this person has provided has been lifelong and unwavering. Why would it all of a sudden change now? It wouldn’t. This train of thought was highly irrational and fueled by the major insecurities of the moment. So I decided I could trust the history of evidence and hop off the “crazy train” of self-doubt.

* And last, I had a CHOICE… I could choose to continue to drive myself crazy continuing to check my email or “Just stop it!” 🛑 and do something else.

So, the action I chose was… to stop the constant checking, divert my thoughts and energy to doing something productive. And you know what?!?! I got caught up in some of the things on my “To Do” list, felt good about that, took a nap and felt REALLY good about that, and realized I forgot all about checking email! I ended up really enjoying the rest of my day because of it. I had just given myself a gift.

I realize what a good experience this is to have happened early on in this new adventure. If I am going to look for external validation and affirmation every step of the way, I am going to waste a whole lot of my energy and time! Why am I needing that external source to approve my path? My dreams are big you see. People in my circle of life don’t necessarily “make it big”. I’m not saying I don’t know anyone successful. I do. We all do. But I’m talking BIG! So if I wait for someone else to validate me or the path I am on, then it may never happen. The most important one that needs to validate and affirm me is ME!

Mental and Emotional Block #2 ➡️ work on validating myself, affirming myself, Every.Single.Day!

Won’t you join me in validating and affirming yourself every day? I already know it will be Oh So Worth It! 🌈

It’s time…

Blessings dear ones,


P.S. At the time of writing, I still haven’t received an email response. And you know what? I’m okay with that.

If I Can See It, I Can Achieve It: Tackling My Mental Barriers

I will be honest with you. I’m not ready to share with you my list of dreams just yet. I know this contradicts the entire premise of a blog about going after my dreams right?!

But I also confess that I worry what others will think of me. In many aspects of my life I have made great strides in this area. I remind myself often, “What other people think of me is none of my business”. The more I allowed my self-talk to embrace this as a new “Truth”, the more true it actually became. HOWEVER, this is a brand new adventure and that old mental habit has reared its ugly head once again. Which really just tells me I have more growth in me about “people pleasing”. I recognize that I am allowing myself to be in a very vulnerable position by putting myself out there in this way. I believe this has triggered the old pattern of thinking. It is clear that this is a mental and emotional barrier that I must challenge and overcome if I am going to succeed in achieving my dreams.

So I vow to you, that I will continue to be honest and real with myself and then to share it with you, the reader. I will identify what blocks me or slows me down in the journey of realizing my dreams. I warn you, I fear there may be many patterns of thinking that I thought I had fully tackled. But I guess I am okay with that. Ultimately I really do want to grow. And I can’t do that without the inner discomfort and often times pain, that change requires.

And you know what? I feel more empowered just writing about all this. It’s as if another ounce of resolve has been unleashed within me. Yes! I CAN do this!

I also “know that I know that I know” I am not alone. And that brings me comfort. It makes me wish I had a seat around the table with successful women to be privy to their thoughts and struggles within along their journey. I would love that.

I am giving myself homework for the week. It is this:

* Each day I am going to write in my journal, why I can achieve my dreams. I won’t repeat the same reason twice.

And the second part is:

* I am going to choose a new “Truth” to speak aloud, all throughout the day, even if just whispering it softly. I have done this many times before to successfully tackle my inner critic when it comes to professional self-doubt. This gives me absolute faith that it will succeed again. Because what happens, is this new truth? It seeps into my very soul and I end up believing it. Oh the emotional freedom this brings!!

I am going to do this because it builds confidence that I desperately lack right now. It also chips away at my “people pleasing” tendencies. I can’t REALLY go after all my dreams if I worry about what other people will think of me. It ultimately does not matter what others think. But what is CRITICAL is what I think of myself.

What I think, becomes what I believe. What I think and believe drive my actions. If I can’t see myself achieving my dreams I won’t. And that is no longer acceptable to me.

I would love to hear what mental and emotional blocks you have, those things that impede you from living your best life. Shoot me an email. Perhaps we can learn from one another. 😊

Today is one more day of action, one more day into this new journey. I started out writing with such timidness in my heart. Right now, I feel excitement again. And that is a very good thing.

It’s time…

Blessings dear ones,


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