Technophobia Tailspin Take Aback

Technophobia – definition (noun) – an irrational (not irrational for me) or disproportionate fear (huh, disproportionate you you say? Nope, not disproportionate to me, this lion size fear) of technology, especially… to advanced digital technology (Do email landing pages, plugins, jetpacks, taglines, domains, etc. all count as advanced? They sure feel like advanced to me.Continue reading “Technophobia Tailspin Take Aback”

Hopping off the “Crazy Train” of Self-Doubt

I recently emailed one of my mentors and shared a small success. I shared the details but as I did a whole lot of “stuff” just stumbled out in the email… I was SO tempted to delete it! SO tempted! But I didn’t. I hit send. Then I began checking my email to see ifContinue reading “Hopping off the “Crazy Train” of Self-Doubt”

If I Can See It, I Can Achieve It: Tackling My Mental Barriers

I will be honest with you. I’m not ready to share with you my list of dreams just yet. I know this contradicts the entire premise of a blog about going after my dreams right?! But I also confess that I worry what others will think of me. In many aspects of my life IContinue reading “If I Can See It, I Can Achieve It: Tackling My Mental Barriers”

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